Senator Katsumi Mizuhita, Chair of the MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee and Supreme Councillor of the Martian Union

Mizuhita is a career politician. A Politics graduate of the University of New Mars, she lectured in political studies at the same time as being a researcher for Anton Dec, the former leader of the Martian Liberal Welfare Party, and became a policy advisor to him, rapidly rising to become a senior policy advisor. In 3208 she successfully stood for the Council of the Martian Union, and held the seat in spite of the MLWP rout in 3212, and gradually came to be recognised as one of the up and coming new MLWP figures in the party, moving to become Deputy Leader of the MLWP in the Council in 3216 and finally Supreme Councillor of the Martian Union in 3220. In 3224, with the MLWP sweeping the Senate elections in the wake of the collapse of the Nonboris administration, she stood unprecedentedly for one of the Q0 Senate seats and won a six year term, becoming Chair of the Interstellar Coordination Committee.