Supreme Councillor Marsha Bartley, Quadrant 6 Regional High Council

Marsha Bartley is the Martian Supreme Councillor for the war-torn Quadrant 6, and the Regional High Council representative for Adobe. She replaced Supreme Councillor Roj Zelazny, who led the Quadrant through the Exterminator War, and was Acting Supreme Councillor after his medical retirement in 3209. She was confirmed as Supreme Councillor for Q6 by a Council vote in 3210. Zelazny had never quite recovered politically from the economic depression that Q6 had fallen into or the political ructions caused by the Douglas Affair and the secession of Douglas from the Association. Bartley, however, has been extremely vocal against Earth's policies in Q6, particularly during the 3208-9 Amoss Crisis, and following her election nearly clashed with Earth's Governor Armstrong militarily over Trio in 3210, when Martian forces helped secure the return of 47 belter miners who had been illegally detained by Earth, and again on Z122 when Martian fleet units clashed with Imperial Sentinel ships. She also won praise from local Martians for her actions during the Roach invasion of Amoss during 3211, and is rumoured to be considering a Senate run. While she is not a member of any particular Martian political party, she has been courted by both the CDP and MCGF.