Senator Thai Sa Minos Cornelius, Representative for War, MAFC Interstellar Coordination Committee

Senator Cornelius was born on New Mars in 3113. He has been married and divorced three times: he is currently single.

Military Service

The senator hails from New Mars and a wide-spread family with a strong military tradition. The Senator finished his naval career commanding the Interstellar Carrier MSS Judoka.


Following his retirement from the MSN, Senator Cornelius spent some time serving on various public bodies, such as the board of the Military Orphans Charity, where he proved very successful at raising funds from the Quadrant Zero worlds.

Entry into poltics

Military Senator and Minister for War, MAFC 3200-3206
Minos Cornelius served as Minister For War in the Charles L. Harness administration while a Senator representing the military constituency, going into retirement with the coming to power of the Anton Dec government. Senator Cornelius has followed in a long tradition of pro-active Ministers for War. During these years Mars was involved in a number of police actions around known space. The Minister has also managed to secure the MSN sufficient funding for a programme that will replace all war losses by 3205.250.

Return to the Senate

Q0 Senator and Minister for War, MAFC 3210-present
Cornelius returned to the Senate and the position of Minister for War in Supreme Councillor Banderas's new administration. He replaced the Central Democratic Party's ageing Freja Witan as one of the Senators for Quadrant Zero.

Senator Cornelius interviewed by "Mars Today" in 3212:

What do you feel the future holds for your government?
That's a very good question. As you know, my party, the Central Democratic Party (CDP) is in coalition with Senator Banderas's Mars Colonial Growth Faction (MCGF), and we face elections in less than two years time. Obviously all parties in the coalition hope for electoral success. To achieve electoral success, I firmly believe that this Government must continue its already excellent work of strengthening our defences, reinforcing the strong bonds of mutual defence of all humanity and growing the Martian economy, whilst continuing to recognise each person's and each system's individuality within the Association.
What is your unique contribution to your government?
I am not sure I can say my contribution is unique, but I can assure you I bring a mix of mature experience and openness to new ideas that is important at all times but vital as Humanity faces a clear external threat from the Roaches. I am not one to shirk hard decisions or to hold silent when something needs saying, whether within the Association or to other polities that make up Humanity.
If you ruled the Universe, what would be your top three new laws/rules?
Well if I did rule the Universe, I would resign - pronto - that's too much for any one man. Still, it's an interesting question that could be answered on so many levels. As a Martian, I would prefer as few rules as possible, but I do recognise the need for some. Generally the ones we have I think work pretty well. But to answer your question, some polities are lax on the question of Moriarty-level AI. I would make the penalty for this crime termination of the personality, and I would extend this to their knowing
accomplices and those wilfully ignorant: those who supply those rare parts and don't ask questions as to what they are for. Secondly, I would establish a minimum contribution to Humanity's defence from all polities; no more free-loading. Finally, I would change the offside rule in 3D lacrosse back to something workable: tell me, why did they have to change things?
What or who do you regard as being the greatest threat to universal peace? (Go, on, be honest, I won't tell anyone...)
I don't believe in universal "peace", but the greatest threat to Humanity's relative peace, in abstract terms, is a lack of tolerance of individuality coupled with a lack of self-responsibility in standing up to threats. In specific terms, clearly the alien threats we face are currently the most serious threat, and likely will be for many years to come.
When not being one of the most important people in the universe, how do you like to relax? Hobbies, pets, bizarre personal habits?
I love to spend time with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, 32 in total at the last count, and even spending time with any and all of my ex-wives. I enjoy hiking, riding (horses and megapodes mostly) and sports. I look forward to meeting up with old comrades. Like many Martians, I love a good barbie.
Thanks for your time!