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Mars Links

In the 10 years since this website first started, exploration of (Old) Mars has proceeded at quite a rapid pace, making this section hard to keep up with. These are some links I've found interesting;

The Mars Society - Founded by rocket scientist and Mars enthusiast Dr Robert Zubrin, this is a US charity and clearing-house for Mars-related stuff.

Red Colony - A scientific website for a series of conferences dedicated to the colonising and terraforming of Mars.

Frans Blok's website - A Dutch Mars enthusiast who has maps of what Mars will look like after terraforming (one of which I borrowed for this site), a map of Kim Stanley Robinson's post-terraforming Mars, and an alternate timeline for Martian colonisation and indepedence.

Nasa Mars missions - Nasa's page for its various ongoing missions, including the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers, orbiters etc. Including real-time images from the surface of Mars!

Malin Space Science Systems - The Californian company that processes the images from Voyager, Mars Global Surveyor etc. Great images of Old Mars, and of course the infamous Cydonia region, home of the 'face'/mildly face-like mesa, 'pyramid' etc. Forerunner carvings, or the product of an overactive imagination? You decide...