Quadrant 5

Quadrant 5 has a reputation as one of the more 'colourful' Quadrants that form part of the MAFC. Marti, the capital world, is a vibrant if sometimes anarchic planet that serves as the industrial, cultural and economic hub of the Quadrant. Its main settlement, New Jack City, can be startling for the unwary for its combination of extreme liberalism and omnipresence of guns, mandated by the 'Banderas Bill' that was the centrepiece of legislation by Q5 personality Senator Toinette Banderas during her term as major of New Jack City.

Unusually for the mainly secular MAFC, religion is a major factor in the Quadrant, and among the other worlds are Yendor, a borderline regression colony that is an agricultural and pastoral world. It was before the Exterminator War a popular tourist destination, especially for those seeking 'enlightenment' - Yendor has a number of fringe religions, as well as claiming to be the birthplace of the Adepts of Clewg, the dominant religion on the planet (although this claim is disputed with Estreham in Q4, and the Yendorian Adepts are considered a fringe group by most mainstream Clewgites). Vorlon is also a mysterious world with ancient religious traditions, claimed by some to pre-date humanity, while Dvitya maintains a large Hindu majority who adhere to the traditions of that belief system.

Streib is a world famous for its combat sports, and many off-worlders come to test their mettle in the numerous arenas across the planet. Streib's gladiatorial combats are syndicated on tri-D throughout the MAFC. Dilgar and Sh'lass meanwhile take this obsession with combat to the extreme, and with little in the way of civic society, these tough anarchic worlds are mostly notable for the number of recruits that they provide for the Martian military.

Zhalan has a large ethnic Chinese population, who gave it its name. The inhabited part of the world consists of a number of small islands, and virtually all transport is by air. This, coupled with the high winds for which the planet is notorious, make travel difficult, and Zhalan has provided the MSN with a number of its finest pacifier pilots.

The world of Slitch is named for its main native animal species, a particularly repulsive lifeform that is nevertheless considered a delicacy in some parts of the Universe. Unfortunately, as a result it has been hunted almost to extinction, and is now a protected species.