The Quadrants

As the MAFC has a devolved, federal government, the Quadrants play a correspondingly important part in the day to day running of the Association. Click on the Quadrant name to learn more.

Pan-Quadrant government

Quadrant 0 - Supreme Councillor Katsumi Mizuhita

Quadrant 1 - Supreme Councillor Gite Carter

Quadrant 2 - Supreme Councillor Robert Ires

Quadrant 3 - Supreme Councillor Liza Barker

Quadrant 4 - Supreme Councillor Bron Fane

Quadrant 5 - Supreme Councillor Rainier Wolfcastle

Quadrant 6 - Supreme Councillor Marsha Bartley

Quadrant 7- Supreme Councillor Raymond Bradbury

Quadrant 8 - Supreme Councillor Sakamoto Nishiyama


Joining the MAFC

Each planet continues with its own laws and constitution, but must sign up to the Martian Treaty of Association, including the Martian Convention on Human Rights which guarantees Martian citizens certain rights. If a citizen feels they have been badly treaty under their own planet's laws they can appeal over the head of local government to the planetary Martian Association Court, and beyond that to the Regional Association Court, and finally to the Martian Senate (which functions like a supreme court of appeal). MAFC federal laws can be vague but include the right to free expression, free association, the right not to be arbitrarily detained etc.