The MAFC Senate

The MAFC Senate is at the heart of government. Most major decisions pass through the Senate at some point and must be ratified by it. It acts as a central Legislature for all Association (as opposed to Quadrant) business, and is the only arm of government with power over the MSN. Senators are selected by the Supreme Councillor of the Martian Union to run major ministries. These Senators, with the Supreme Councillor, form the Interstellar Coordination Committee, which is the Executive arm of MAFC government. The Supreme Councillor of the Martian Union becomes the President of the Interstellar Coordination Committee, and the closest thing that the MAFC has to a Head of State.

The Senate has two representatives from each Region (18 in total), plus 12 who are supposed to represent various walks of Martian life, but who tend to be major figures on New Mars and the old colonies.


The 3214-3218 MAFC Senate:

Q0: Treesa April (Sturluson) [Central Democratic Party]
Q0: Minos Cornelius (New Mars) [Central Democratic Party]
Q1: Selima Pasha (Turkoman) [Central Democratic Party]
Q1: Tony Montana (Baron) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q2: Hengistan Horsa (Estreham) [Martian Liberal Welfare Party]
Q2: Akira Sumitomo (Tokugawa) [Central Democratic Party]
Q3: Antonia Niemann (Markus) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q3: Mischa Wolfe (Markus) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q4: Richard Yorke (The Hump) [Martian Liberal Welfare Party]
Q4: Philip Dermond (The Hump) [Free Mars Party]
Q5: Shizuke Nekonome (Dilgar) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q5: Antoinette Banderas (Marti) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q6: Davy Monroe (Phill) [Free Mars Party]
Q6: Abraxas Metaxas (Adobe) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q7: Mike Diablo (Sheorb) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q7: Kyle Reese (Sheorb) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q8: Amita Parveen (Dink) [Mars Colonial Growth Faction]
Q8: Jareel Moondaughter (Nirmanakaya) [Free Mars Party]
Commercial: Rish Johnstone, Olympus Engines Corp [Central Democratic Party]
Commercial: Siralan Saccarin, Evonet Corp [Central Democratic Party]
Military: Thai Sho Aiashi Hojo (MSN, rtd) [Free Mars Party]
Military: Thai Sho Hex Grognard (MSN Ground Forces, retd) [New Helix Party]
Religion: Pennan Tella, illusionist and prominent atheist (Martian Humanist Council) [Martian Liberal Welfare Party]
Religion: Celestial Master Chi'un, Dao Temple of New Mars [Humanity's Future Party]
Academic: Professor John Frink, UMIST [Central Democratic Party]
Academic: Dr Peter Keyes, Insitute for Advanced Planetary Studies [Central Democratic Party]
Sport: Ron Manager, retired spaceball coach [Martian Liberal Welfare Party]
Arts: Nellie Peach, Martian Arts Council [Central Democratic Party]
Social: Antonia DeMonay, director, 'Genes4Justice' [Humanity's Future Party]
Legal: Chief Judge Barbara Hershey, Association High Court [Martian Liberal Welfare Party]


Seats by Party affiliation: (previous number of seats held in brackets)


Central Democratic Party: 9 (7)

Mars Colonial Growth Faction: 9 (9)

Free Mars Party: 3 (3)



Martian Liberal Welfare Party: 5 (7)

Humanity's Future Party: 2 (3)

New Helix Party: 2 (1)

Coalition partners the CDP and MCGF have had a good showing in the 3214 elections, with a poor result for the the MLWP, including the loss of both the current and former party chiefs. The CDP and MCGF now have a majority of the Senate seats between them, and could form a coalition on their own, but have elected to continue in coalition with Phil Dermond's Free Mars Party, traditional allies of the CDP. The fact that the CDP and MCGF both have the same number of seats (and that the CDP has done the best of any party in this election) means that there is the possibility of a CDP chair of the Senate Interstellar Coordination Committee, but for now the parties have been content to continue with the same set-up.


Martian Senatorial Election Results, 3214

With the votes now in and counted, the results of the 3214 Martian Senatorial elections can now be declared. As you will be aware, only half of the Senate's 30 seats change hands during any single Senatorial election. Furthermore, only the eight outer quadrants directly elect their representatives in a Quadrant-wide plebiscite. The other seats are all appointed by various bodies within the MAFC. Results for the appointed seats are given later.

Quadrant 1:
The amazing surge in the economy of Quadrant 1 has propelled the CDP's Selima Pasha into power, ousting the incumbent MCGF candidate Simon de Montfort.

Quadrant 2:
In a major upset for the politics of this conservative quadrant, the long-serving CDP candidate has been ousted by a Martian Liberal Welfare Party candidate. The ongoing unrest on Estreham between Clewgist factions is believed to have played a part in the victory of Hengistan Horsa.

Quadrant 3:
A gain for the MCGF, this time from former MLWP leader Ophelia Laertes.

Quadrant 4:
The MLWP have managed to hold onto their seat in Quadrant 4, as former economics minister Richard Yorke managed to argue that the Quadrant had not benefitted as it might have done from the recent economic success of the MAFC.

Quadrant 5:
A hold for the MCGF in its heartland, with Shizuka Nekonome of Dilgar replacing outgoing Senator Clay Brixx.

Quadrant 6:
A surprise victory for the New Helix Party, in their first ever win in a Quadrant-based election, as disgraced former broadcaster of Channel 6's "That's Amazing!" show Davy Monroe wins the vacant seat from the MCGF.

Quadrant 7:
A gain for the MCGF in a quadrant that has seen spectacular growth, as skilled MLWP political operator Bernard Woolley is replaced by Mike Diablo.

Quadrant 8:
A hold for the MCGF, with Amita Parveen replacing outgoing Senator Scott Free.


Appointed Positions:

Q0: Former ICC President and one-time head of the Martian Liberal Welfare Party Anton Dec retires as of this election. He has indicated that he will challenge the CDP in the Council of the Martian Union. In the meantime, the CDP stranglehold on that body continues, and Dec's replacement will be CDP-backed appointee Treesa April.

Commercial: The Commercial Senators traditionally support the CDP. Rish Johnstone, CEO of Olympus Engines Corp, has been selected by the New Mars Institute of Directors to take the Commercial seat for the next four years.

Military: The Martian Star Navy has replaced Yurika Misumaru with former Supreme Human Commander Aiashi Hojo (Thai-Sho, retd) as their new representative on the Senate. Like his predecessor, Hojo is known to lean towards the traditionalist Free Mars Party.

Religion: The religious seats rotate according to the share of populace who share that observance. Omar Ghorsht of the Martian Progressive Hindu Council cedes his seat to prominent atheist and illusionist Pennan Tella, chosen by the Martian Humanist Council. Senator-elect Tella has indicated that he will most likely vote with the Martian Liberal Welfare Party (MLWP).

Academic: The extremely popular Senator John Frink of the Underground Martian Institute of Science and Technology has been re-selected by the Martian Universities Council for a third term. He has always taken the CDP whip in the Senate.

Sports: The Martian Sports Council has elected Ron Manager, former head coach of Dynamo Sturluson, as its representative, replacing retired athlete Kelly Watson. Like his predecessor, he has long been a supporter of the Martian Liberal Welfare Party.

Social: The Martian Charities Council has selected Antonia DeMonay, head of 'Genes for Justice' as its representative for the next eight years, replacing Art Deco, the former head of 'Reprieve Interstellar'. This seat traditionally votes with the Humanity's Future Party.