What's new?

20/02/21: Major overhaul of politics, Senate, ICC, History, added bits on Nonboris, Mizuhita etc. Still quite a lot to do though.

16/11/17: Updated press releases, Senate, ICC and Martian History.

27/7/14: Updated press releases, added a page on New Mars and overhauled some of the more out of date history sections. Repaired broken links.

6/12/13: Added bios of Hojo and Kasei, and Supreme Councillor Bartley. Added Martian Factbook section.

5/12/13: Finally overhauled site. Updated press releases, added more detailed bios of Banderas and Cornelius, updated ICC, Senate and History pages, repaired broken links, and added some new Mars links to the links page. Also added a page for the Stickney Treaty.

29/11/09: Site re-hosted. Updated ICC and Senate membership to reflect the 3210 election results.

24/8/05: Updated ICC and Senate membership to reflect the retirement of Senator Hands. Updated press releases.

22/5/05: Expanded the Martian Military section a little, added some guff on Q8, and fixed the broken links to Red Colony and Rob's Solar Republic site.

20/5/05: Added a section on Martian Military Decorations.

12/4/05: Changed links following Jim moving the Universe site. Updated some Martian political stuff.

22/3/05: Added new press releases following the Megagame

19/2/05: Added a provisional bio for Supreme Councillor Charles L Harness. Added factional affiliations to the Senate page.

2/2/05: Added bio for Senator Frink and a picture for former Supreme Councillor Pickles.

29/1/05: Added bios of Senator Dermond and former Supreme Councillor Pickles. Also updated the Press Release page and added a section on Martian political parties.

6/11/04: Added more detail to Quadrants, including Q0, Q5 and Q7. Added overall organisation diagram. Repaired broken Marine organisation diagram link.

30/10/04: Replaced quadrant and MAIDS organisation diagrams with versions that are hopefully easier to read. Added bio of Supreme Councillor Wolfcastle (Q5).

9/10/04: First update for a while. Added new press releases.

28/7/04: Added some detail on the Quadrant governments and the Interstellar Coordination Committee.

23/7/04: Added new and backdated press releases.

16/7/04: Added some Mars links to the links page. Corrected broken image links (happy now Simon?). Added a 'press releases' page and removed the 'joining the MAFC' section for now.

9/7/04: Added a piece on the Hayama Dome Massacre to History section. Added some pics of Old Mars' colonisation to History and a map of Old Mars. Added a section on AI.

4/7/04: Fixed some broken links and the annoying capitalisation on this page.

3/7/04: Well, these webpages for a start. More to follow as I get more comfortable with Dreamweaver and have some spare time.