Supreme Councillor Rainier Wolfcastle

Actor Rainier Wolfcastle, of the highly successful 'McBain' series of action films ('Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die'; 'Fatal Discharge'; 'License to Detonate' etc) as well as other blockbusters like 'Radioactive Man', has been elected as Q5 Regional High Council representative for Marti in a landslide planet-wide vote. In spite of some subsequent controversy in the Regional High Council, and the threat of walk-outs by some delegates, he was later confirmed as MAFC Supreme Councillor for Quadrant 5.
The positions of High Council Representative for Marti and Supreme Councillor for Q5 became vacant following the successful campaign of swashbuckling local politician Antoinette Banderas for the Martian Senate. Rainier Wolfcastle has been politically close to Banderas during her career, and, it is rumoured, not just politically close. She even had a minor starring role in one of his films (as the female cyborg assassin in 'You Have The Right To Remain DEAD!').
Although Wolfcastle was dogged by the usual allegations of sexual impropriety, as is common on Marti these have merely increased his share of the vote. Supreme Councillor Wolfcastle said in his acceptance speech that he hoped to be "even tougher than McBain", and that he would bring the same level of seriousness to Martian politics that Supreme Councillor Banderas had.
An immigrant to the MAFC from the Venerian Republic, Wolfcastle has been active in Martian politics since his marriage to Maria Quimby, daughter of the Mayor of New Jack City (a position also formerly held by Councillor Banderas).